Denmark + Ireland

I have to admit, I'm a picture hoarder. I took this trip in August of 2015, edited the images soon after, and haven't shown them to a soul till now. Why I do this, I don't know. Maybe I think my next set of images will be better. Maybe I'm waiting for the "perfect time" to post them. Maybe I'm just lazy. Well... Here they are. 


Boston USA -> Iceland Airport -> Copenhagen, Denmark -> Dublin, Ireland

Canon 6d + 50mm 1.4

My flight to Copenhagen, Denmark had a slight layover in Iceland. Granted of what I got to see of Iceland was the inside of their airport, I know its an amazingly beautiful country. After a rather short and needed nap on an airport bench, I awoke to the most amazing sunrise. The sounds of Sigur Rós filled my head and his music somehow made a little more sense. 


As my flight to Copenhagen lifted off, I was able to grab my first real glances of Iceland. As far as the eye could see it was flat, and then a mountain would shoot up from nowhere. Buildings of bright colors stood out among the muted browns, greens, and golds of the frosty landscape. Iceland is on my shortlist of places to travel. 

As a bike enthusiast, Copenhagen was the homeland. Segregated, protected bike lanes, almost 40% of the population biking as their main mode of transportation, bikes seemed to outnumber people. Young, old, slow, fast, everyone was biking. It was truly unbelievable at times. 

Copenhagen is a city filled with colorful people and buildings, food, drink, and laughter around every corner. As cliché as it is to say, it was hard not to take a nice picture in Copenhagen.  

When I did my pre trip research of places to go in Copenhagen, I stumbled upon Superkilen. I have always loved color blocking and this park was built with just that in mind. Many of the pictures I saw were of when the park was brand new and it appeared much larger than it was in reality. Never the less, it should be a required destination for a photographer when in the city. 

On my last day in Copenhagen, my sister and I turn down what had become our favorite street in the city to find its blocked off for a block party of sorts. The street was filled with people of all ages drawing with sidewalk chalk. Music was being played through a big speaker system at an intersection, as well as the sounds of birds that blended in seamlessly. The further you walked down the street from the intersection, the less you could hear the music, but more speakers placed through out the street continued to play the bird sounds.  

Copenhagen -> Dublin

Dublin is grimy in the best of ways. I spent two full days walking around, getting lost and aquatinted with the city. By the end my feet hurt, and my memory card was full. 

When you have a thing for doors like I do, Ireland is kind of the dream. It definitely didn't disappoint.