Adidas - Ultra Boost Boston Marathon Social Campaign

Often, I never really know what I'm applying for when responding to a craigslist ad. This was never more true then when I ended up shooting a social media campaign for Adidas. A vague post about a two day shoot with shoes led to a conversation with a staffing agency in NYC that lead to members of a creative team from Carrot Creative in Brooklyn saying yes to my portfolio and bringing me in for the shoot. It was part of a series of campaigns Adidas was doing for the launch of their new running shoe, the Ultra Boost, in conjunction with marathons around the world. It was a challenging three days of shooting at locations across the city of Boston. The highlight was certainly when the Boston Police shut down a short section of Boylston Street so I could photograph on the freshly panted Boston Marathon finish line.

This was my first big campaign and my first time working with a legit creative team. It was also the first time I was just contracted to hand over raw images. No editing. This proved to be scary. I love editing and believe it's really what makes most of my images what they are. And being self taught, I had no idea what was expected of a professional photographers raw images. How did mine stack up against other straight out of camera files? I knew I could make great images out of what I shot but were they acceptable in the big leagues? Luckily they were and over all around 10 of my images were used across several of Adidas social platforms.    

Ya...that's my hand