I love when I'm given total creative freedom with a portrait session. When approached by fellow Berklee graduate Kwame to do shoot to accompany his recently released EP, all he asked is there be something a "little off" with his images. 

A double exposure done in post with a texture from Lindsay Adler

I'm not a huge fan of the in camera multiple exposure mode in the Canon 6d but I thought I would give it a try anyway. I much prefer having the ability to manipulate the layer independently in post but sometimes the rather unexpected way the camera melds the exposures deliver some cool results.  

Kwame had mentioned how in a previous shoot we had done, he liked some of the warmer images. I love this particular texture, again from the Lindsay Adler texture pack, and decided to do a series of the images with it overlaid. 

When I edit, I let a picture take itself in whatever direction it wants to go in. As cheesy and lame as that sounds, it's true. Some images just look better with lots of grain in black and white, some look much better super contrasty and in color. Some look great covered in a texture. This is why I love editing, the sometimes completely unknown of what a particular image will look like in the end. 

Do yourself a favor and check out the new EP, hey, mr. dreamer. If you dig it or just respect artists, head over to Bandcamp, download the EP, and chuck him a few bucks.