Color Blocking

"Lets do something with glitter". Thats how this all started. Kayte from Mass Musings threw out this tiny tidbit, a great starting point for an amazing shoot. I have always loved color blocking so I thought, glitter + color blocking + Kayte, We can do something really cool with this. She brought along her long time friend Astrea for the shoot. Between the two of them, the makeup was amazing, the laughter was plenty, and the shots were awesome. 


The setup was pretty simple.I cleared most of my small living room and put the backdrop - 2 4x12 rolls of colored paper I picked up from Blick- on a wall. I used two speed lights, one shot into a big silver umbrella and one shot into a silver reflector, creating a clamshell lighting variation. I was shooting on a Canon 6d, 24-105 F4. 160iso, f5, 1/125.