What will it be like working with you?

I have a quiet, journalistic approach, documenting real moments as they happen. I will always be in eyeshot when you need me, but never in the way.

I like to be part of the planning process whenever I can, helping with the wedding day timeline, planning for the perfect light, organizing formal pictures, and any other way I can help to make sure you enjoy your day.

I offering simple direction, rather than specific posing.


What types of weddings do you photograph?

Small weddings in the backyard of childhood homes. Big weddings in a venue downtown with family and friends from near and far. Weekend long gatherings at a private club in the woods. I’ll document your wedding no matter the size or location.


Do you work with a second photographer?

I almost always photograph weddings alone and love covering the day this way. However, if the wedding day logistics call for a second photographer, one can be added on.


Will you travel to photograph our wedding?

Of course I will! I absolutely love traveling and photographing in new places. I’m based in Boston, MA and am happy to drive, fly, take a train, or hop on a boat to join you for your wedding.