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Pricing & Details



2-3 Looks*

$55 Per Look

4-8 Looks

$50 Per Look

9+ Looks

$45 Per Look

You can either pay per shoot or purchase a larger number of looks to shoot at your convieniance

*Two look minimum

Before The Shoot

Send me a message at least a week before you would like to shoot. Let me know a little about yourself, your style, and how many looks you want to shoot. We pick a location, time, and we are ready to go. 

During The Shoot

We shoot each look for 10-15 minutes getting a variety of shots: Full body, 3/4, detail, and some shots with movement. You can change looks in my portable pop up changing room, or where ever you feel comfortable.  

After The Shoot

I send you a Dropbox link with your picture proofs within 36 hours. Typically, you will have around 100 images per look to choose your selects from, keeping it to around 10 per look. Send me back your selects and I send you your edits within 48 hours. 

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I've worked with

Kerrie M. Burke. Extra Petite. Chow Down USA. Tara West. Sparkle in Gold. Chardline. Mass Musings. 

Adidas. Uwila Warrior. Marlo Marketing. Apartment Therapy. 

Collaborations Reposted By

Uniqulo USA. Neiman Marcus. Sea and Grass. Loft. Henri Bendel. Paper Crown. Kipling. OOTD Magazine. Asos USA.